Service Worship


The Well is a seven-day-a-week church committed to serving the local community in meaningful ways.

Service Worship takes place on the FIRST Sunday of every month

10:10 am.
The Rutland Boys and Girls Club
355 Hartman Road

Sign up to help with one of the projects
Participate in the project you’ve chosen
At 12:30, return to the Boys & Girls Club for lunch!

Graffiti Eradication - recording & cleaning up graffiti in Rutland
Church Serve - participating in a one-time cleaning or organizational “blitz” to help an
individual or family who has become overwhelmed (bring indoor shoes & gloves)
Society of Hope - Providing transportation assistance to women living in transition
Sunpointe Village - adults and children are needed to help with the Hymn Sing at this
senior’s care facility
Windsor Manor— adults and children are needed to water plants and socialize
Hartman Road Community Garden - assisting with garden maintenance
Random Acts of Kindness - Depending on the weather & the season, this could
involve raking leaves, shoveling snow, picking up garbage or handing out free coffee—
all to show God’s love in a practical way.
Childcare - Babysitting the younger children at the Boys & Girls Club
Lunch Prep - Preparing lunch for those participating in the service projects
Childcare is available