Our Mission

We focus most of our attention on Rutland

Rutland is the community that we are part of. The Well offers its unconditional love, service, and partnership to this community.

Service Worship  (community development)

Jesus served people around Him with love, integrity and respect. We intend to serve Rutland in the very same way, partnering with agencies and organizations in whatever way possible so that life changing transformations are part of every day life.
For the most part, instead of creating new programs and/or activities, we are interested in partnering with existing programs, helping them be all that they are intended to be as they positively affect lives.
As we are able and gifted, we will offer our service to the community in designing programs to fill needs that are not currently being met.

Worship Service

When it comes to Sunday morning, we want to make some important promises:

First, we promise not to bore you! All of our time is too important to spend it being bored at church.

Second, we promise that what you hear won’t just be re-worked Dr. Phil material.  What we talk about on Sundays will be God’s input into our lives as we hear it in the Bible and the world around us.

Third, we promise that you can come as you are! We are more interested in your being there than in what you are wearing or what you know.