What we believe

About Ourselves

We believe that every human being has value and is worthy of respect and honour. The heart of that conviction rests in our belief that we are all created by God. However, we live with a healthy awareness of the fact that we drop the ball, mess things up at times, and may need help to make it through life.

About God

We believe in not only the existence of God, but that He is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  We are convinced that God is interested in life with us and the overall redeeming of the world in which we live.  He has plan for this world and for our lives.

About Jesus

We believe that Jesus is the Son of God. We affirm that He is fully God and fully human and that He died on a cross and rose again from the dead. We believe that in doing so He makes the forgiveness of our sins possible and life fuller and more meaningful.

About Life

We think life is an adventurous gift from God. We are convinced that it is best lived in deep relationship with God and others.

About the Bible

We affirm that the Bible is God's message for a hurting world. It reveals the heart and purposes of God in this world and as such is our best guide for life